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Staff : Listing

Following is a listing of staff members. Click the staff member's name to view office hours and contact details.
This table shows a listing of staff members.
Name Email Phone
Nicole Lee Anderson unavailable
Colleen R Baade unavailable
Charles Byron Braymen unavailable
Amy J Cosimano unavailable
Danielle H Cox unavailable
Becky Ann Davis unavailable
Eileen T Dugan unavailable
Scott B Eastman unavailable
Sophia Genevay unavailable
Cynthia Jean Hadenfeldt unavailable
Michael Carey Hawkins unavailable
Amanda Jean Holman unavailable
Jeri Renee Janz unavailable
Katherine Rose Kaufman unavailable
Emma Kitteringham unavailable
Tracy N Leavelle unavailable
Jim R Martin unavailable
Margo Jean Minnich unavailable
Jill E Muegge unavailable
Dave P Mullins unavailable
Rebecca K Murray unavailable
Molly Suzanne Myers unavailable
Alanah Fiorella Nantell unavailable
Ravi Nath unavailable
Kelly Elizabeth O'Hanlon unavailable
Dustin K Ormond unavailable
Raven Ortolan unavailable
Rene L Padilla unavailable
Nicolae G Roddy unavailable
Pamela Lynn Runestad unavailable
Anne M Schoening unavailable
Samantha Marie Senda-Cook unavailable
Juliane K Strauss-Soukup unavailable
Emiko Unno unavailable
Sierra Wang unavailable
Sean M Watts unavailable
Jo M Wood unavailable
Kayla Kristen Young unavailable
Global Engagement Office
This table shows a listing of staff members.
Name Email Phone
Krista Cupich 402-280-2221
Lizzy Curran 402-280-2221